How to Order

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Online Registration

You can order Web Confidential by registering via Kagi (Berkeley, California), but you can also register via PayPal.

PayPal     or     Kagi

Web Confidential Upgrades can only be purchased via eSellerate or PayPal.


You can pay for Web Confidential on the Web using the Kagi Online Order Process system. This allows you to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or First Virtual. Choose one of following options:

You probably already have an evaluation copy of Web Confidential so you only need a key. When you have registered and payment information has been received by Kagi, you will receive confirmation of the registration process and the author will send you the key (by Email) to make Web Confidential fully functional. Usually this will take less than an hour.


The pricing of Web Confidential is as follows:

Product Price (USD) Order
Web Confidential for Mac $20 order
Web Confidential for Mac + URL Manager Pro* $40 order

Product Price (USD) Order
Web Confidential 4.0 Upgrade $14.95 order
*About URL Manager Pro - The most powerful bookmark manager for the Macintosh

Site Licenses

Product # Users Price (USD) Order
Web Confidential for Mac (Site License) unlimited $500* order
* Educational/Non-Profit prices: substract $100.