Release Notes : Windows : version 3.1

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New in version 3.1

A handy search bar was added to find a password a lot more easily (see below).

Numerous bugs also have been fixed.

Search Bar
- Search Bar -

Please download the Web Confidential 3.1 installer.

New in version 3.0.5

Fixed bugs:

  • File menu Save As again works
  • Automatic Save every 'x' minutes again works
  • Copy Password from the shortcut menu now always works
  • Modification date is updated when a card has been edited
  • The ampersand character is now shown in the password peek window
  • Cosmetics of the Generate Password Window (labels, semi colons and such)

    New in version 3.0.1

    New features:

  • an extra column showing the category of a card
  • ability to use file URLs

    The second feature can be used to store links to other password files as a card in your main password file.

    Edit a card and click the button next right to the URL field. Choose 'Select File' from the popup menu. Select an encrypted password file here.

    In the list view, select the card and use the right mouse button to get the contextual menu. Choose the command 'Use Password To Open .wce File' to automatically open the other password file.

    New in version 3.0

    The applications features a new user interface, a List View.

    Our aim was to redesign the user interface to make it more similar to the Palm interface and the new list view of the Mac version of Web Confidential. Instead of a tree view, version 3 has a list view. The list view shows all the password items of the selected category. You can select the current category from a popup menu at the top of the window. You can also select Show All from the popup menu to show all your passwords in a list.

    You can click the right mouse button on an item in the list to get a contextual menu.

    Web Confidential 3.0 is a free upgrade for registered users.

    You can download the program here:

    Web Confidential for Windows 3.0.1

    Web Confidential for Windows 3.0.1 + Web Confidential Palm 1.4

    New in version 2.4

    These items are new in the application:

    • New feature: 'Export to XML'.

    Note: Windows XP is supported.

    Web Confidential 2.4 is a free upgrade for registered users.

    New in version 2.3

    These items are new in the application:

    • New feature: 'Generate Password'.

    • New feature: 'Export to Text'.

    • New category 'Online Banking'.

    • New preference 'Show Password as Text'.

    • New shortcut 'Copy Password' - Alt C.

    • The categories are put in a more logical order.


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