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Copyright © 2004 Alco Blom
Version 3.6.3, Released March 2004

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What's new in 3.6.3

This is a bug fix release. A bug was fixed in the Auto Lock feature. (See Preferences->Security). This is a preference to lock a document after a number of minutes. Enabling this feature could cause data corruption in a card while the Enter Sheet was displayed for a card.

One other improvement: the command shortcut for Preferences is now Cmd-, (this is a new User Interface Guideline for Panther).

What's new in 3.6.2

Web Confidential 3.6.2 is a maintenance release for Panther. In particular, the Type Ahead feature again works in Panther.

Version 3.6.2 fixes the incompatibilities with Panther. Problems with the copy and paste shortcuts in the Edit Sheet are fixed. Some other small bugs were also fixed. Changes also for iCab and Safari.

What's new in 3.6.1

Web Confidential 3.6.1 is a bug fix release. It fixes four bugs.

  • The gray iTunes grid is now drawn
  • Window Dragging is now fast
  • The date of cards when imported is set to today
  • The import from tab delimited text files is more robust



What's new in 3.6

Web Confidential 3.6 adds support for Printing and sports an iTunes-like List View.

Furthermore, it adds an automatic Version Checking Preference and lets you include the category ID with import and export to tab delimited files.

What's new in 3.5

Web Confidential 3.5 adds support for Safari and OmniWeb. You can now automatically fill in the user ID and password fields of WWW Forms in these browsers.

The user interface has been enhanced and modernized in three ways. First, you can now see all your passwords in a list view (see above). Secondly, a Mac OS X style toolbar was added (see above) and thirdly, a special Shared Lock Icon Menu gives you access to all your passwords while in your web browser (Explorer, OmniWeb, Camino or iCab).

Here are the main improvements listed:

  • Added a List View (see above) which enables you to see a list of your passwords
  • Type Ahead feature to select a password in the List View
  • A Key Lock shared icon menu in your web browser's menubar gives you access to all your passwords (see below)

    explorer's menubar

    - Microsoft Internet Explorer's menu bar showing Web Confidential's Icon Menus -

  • Automatically pops up the password utility window when you launch a password (see below)

popup window

- The password utility window -

The List View requires Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.3 or higher. CarbonLib 1.6 is preferred.

The configurable Mac OS X toolbar requires Jaguar.

What's new in 3.0

Web Confidential now runs native on Mac OS X. It also runs on Mac OS 9.0 and higher with CarbonLib 1.1.

Mac OS 8 users are advised to keep using version 2.2.2.

Main features

Web Confidential is the most powerful password manager on the Macintosh. It offers:

  • Encryption : Industrial strength encryption (using BlowFish)
  • Automation : Automatic entry of WWW Forms and automatic HTTP Authentication
  • Integration : You have access to your passwords from the browser's menu bar.
  • Synchronization : Synchronization with Web Confidential for Palm via Conduit.
  • Cross-platform : Its file format is binary compatible with Web Confidential for Windows

Other new features:

  • Password Generator : You can generate random passwords manually.
  • Online Banking : A new category to store al your Online Banking records.
  • Dock Menus : You have access to all your passwords via the Dock (Mac OS 10.1).
  • Help Book : Use the command Web Confidential Help from the Help menu for online help.

Note: moving to Mac OS X, the location of your 'Startup Items' and 'Cabinet' folders has changed. Although the old locations still work, it is now advised you create a folder named 'Passwords' in your 'Documents' folder and put your 'Startup Items' and 'Cabinet' folders in your 'Passwords' folder of your 'Documents' folder.

I have a FAQ page which can help you with the conversion to Web Confidential 3.5. Please read it carefully.

How to Purchase

The Web Confidential 3.6 costs $20 or €20. You can purchase Web Confidential via PayPal, Kagi or eSellerate. Use the Support menu in Web Confidential to initiate a purchase. In Europe, you can also pay via Internet Banking.

Upgrade Policy

Web Confidential 3.6 is a free upgrade for all users who have version 3.0. Users who have version 2.x can upgrade to Web Confidential 3.6. The Web Confidential 3.6 Upgrade is $12.95 or €12.95. You can order via:

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